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Last week UNC played North Carolina State University in basketball at NCSU. We won the game 86-74. When it comes to basketball, we typically have an edge over NCSU and they honestly have the advantage when it comes to football.

Every time we get ready to play the red school up the street, the entire day of the event is filled with ridiculous jokes and taunts going back and forth on social media sites. Most of these statements typically go too far and end up talking about the school’s education levels and admissions standards. Another popular argument is whether or not NCSU is our rival as we consider Duke to be our primary focus during basketball season.

The statements from students of each university makes me question whether it is a strong display of school spirit or just plain ignorance from both parties. I mean, can you use the excuse of having “school spirit” to humiliate someone?

Google defines school spirit as “emotional support for one’s educational institution.” Most people have love for their university or they would have gone somewhere else. However, not everyone supports the sports at the school they attend. I know people at Carolina that support (gasp) Duke Basketball. They grew up Duke Basketball fans but never wanted to attend Duke.

Is that wrong? Is it wrong that some State students were cheering for Carolina the other day? Maybe they grew up Carolina fans and don’t want to change their loyalty…

But honestly, is school spirit going out of your way to humiliate your opponents and criticize the school they gained acceptance from? Is school spirit booing the opposite team as loud as possible and shouting expletives at them as they come out the tunnel in the Dean Dome? Is school spirit giving Carolina students the finger after you made the winning shot in our arena? (Yeah I’m talking to you Austin Rivers). I do not think this is school spirit at all. When it comes to sporting events, us in the RDU area tend to take it too far and hopefully we will learn to grow up and let it go. After all, it is just a game.